Helium Leak Testing

The experts at Applied Technical Services are some of the best when it comes to Helium Leak Testing. They use this method to detect very small leaks in all sorts of components where a differential pressure can be generated. Our technicians then report the helium leak as a quantitative measurement, giving clients a sense of how significant the leak is. Helium leak testing can also be used to identify the location of very small leaks.

Clients may request helium leak testing to assess the performance of a material or to analyze or evaluate component longevity. Helium is the preferred leak testing medium because technicians can detect and measure it at minute leak rates (less than 1 cubic centimeter/300 years) and because the gas is inert, meaning it will not react with most components being tested.

ATS' Leak Testing Capabilities

ATS can perform leak testing either in our fully accredited laboratories or at our client’s facilities. Our Helium Leak team is certified by the American Society of Non-Destructive Testing (ASNT) in multiple leak rate methods. It is our guiding principle to deliver the highest quality of services to our clients, including clear and accurate assessment results in accordance with our client’s and the applicable standard specifications. Our engineers and technicians are well trained, experienced, qualified, driven for excellence, and are service time attentive.

Although ATS’ mechanical testing group performs services for clients of many other industries, it is companies from these sectors that tend to request our helium leak detection services most often:

The Two Primary Methods of Helium Leak Testing:

Whether clients request our helium leak detection services for performance testing or failure analysis, to examine vessel walls or tank floors, to analyze air conditioning components or piping systems, our world-class technicians will deliver services of the highest quality. Contact ATS today with your leak testing needs — we take a closer look!

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