Weld Testing

Applied Technical Services, Inc. uses a wide variety of mechanical and metallurgical testing techniques and standards to answer our clients’ weld testing needs.

Reasons to Request Weld Testing

Many companies require their welders to be qualified — a process that involves an application of their welding knowledge and an assessment of their work. ATS is able to test all aspects of weld procedure and performance qualifications by conducting destructive and nondestructive tests to ensure conformance to requirements of applicable codes and standards.

Whether clients need us to help develop welding procedure specifications or conduct welding procedure and performance qualifications, our technical staff can ensure that completed welds perform as intended. We specialize in testing to ASME, AWS, API, NAVSEA, MIL-STD and PED/EN standards.

Our Weld Assessment Methods:
  • Weld Failure Analysis
  • PMI, Chemical Analysis
  • Impact Testing
  • Ferrite Testing
  • ASTM A262, A923, G48

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