A yellow dial multimeter is connected to red and black terminals during a multimeter calibration service.

Multimeter Calibration Service

When clients request a multimeter calibration service from Applied Technical Services, they can trust that our technicians are more than qualified to fulfill their needs. ATS and our growing Family of Companies (FoC) strive to provide high-quality calibrations and unparalleled customer service to clients working in a wide variety of industries.
Calibrating Multimeter Functions
Our A2LA-accredited calibration lab serves businesses operating in the electrical, HVAC, automotive, mechanical, power generation, nuclear, and pulp and paper industries, as well as several others. ATS accepts handheld multimeters with resolutions up to 6 ½ digits and benchtop multimeters up to 8 digits. We can calibrate most measurement functions or tailor our calibration procedure to cover only the functions relevant to the customer. We cover a variety of measurement capabilities, including:

Functions may differ based on design and manufacturer. Our experts frequently handle multimeters from many name-brand companies, including but not limited to:

State-of-the-Art Laboratories
Clients can ship their multimeters to one of our locations for in-house electronic calibrations. We understand how critical multimeters are to your business operations, providing a quick turnaround rate of 7 to 10 business days. We maintain an environmentally controlled lab with the following measures:

Our calibration processes follow documented standards for NIST traceability. We can tailor our procedures to custom tolerances and calibration points requested by the manufacturer or client. If we find the device is out of tolerance, we can adjust the multimeter to restore accuracy or recommend and estimate repairs.

Accessible Certificates
We summarize our multimeter calibration service with a NIST-traceable certificate of calibration that includes as-found and as-left data, technician recommendations, a description of repairs or adjustments made, and the relevant calibration standards. Clients can access past certificates of calibration, their device history, and calibration status on iPortal, our secure web platform.
Additional Services from the ATS FoC

From calibrations to consulting engineering, ATS’ growing network of experts supports national and international clients. Our services satisfy stringent quality standards, such as 10 CFR Part 21, 10 CFR 50 – Appendix B, and ANSI/NCSL Z540-1. Additionally, we can tailor our procedures to conform with client specifications and industrial standards from ASME and ISO.

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