Temperature Calibration Test Device

Temperature Calibration Services

The ATS Family of Companies provides temperature calibration services for clients who need to optimize their equipment by quantifying temperature measurement uncertainties. These uncertainties can result from various factors, including sensor tolerances, instrumentation inaccuracies, temperature cycling and aging, and thermal effects from the initial installation. One or more of these issues can result in overall system uncertainty.

What Temperature Calibration Means
Temperature calibration essentially compares the device under test (DUT) against the reference device. The tested device will undergo multiple accuracy checks during the calibration process. If it reads within a predefined tolerance, the DUT will pass calibration.
The first step of temperature calibration is to bring the device under test to a controlled temperature. Once completed, technicians measure the corresponding change in its associated electrical parameter (voltage or resistance). The calibration error lies in the difference between the accurately measured parameter and the certified reference probe.
Why Temperature Calibration is Needed

From a regulatory perspective, calibrated thermometers and data loggers are necessary for good distribution practice (GDP) environments—that is, anywhere used for the packaging, storage, and distribution of pharmaceutical products. GDP guidance documents, such as those distributed by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA), European Union (EU), and World Health Organization (WHO), require calibrated sensors. Some even insist on having an ISO 17025 calibration.

Technically, some sensing and measurement devices are subject to drift. Regulatory bodies like those mentioned above recommend that these devices undergo annual recalibration to verify whether the sensor’s accuracy falls within specification.
Quality Standard

The ATS Family of Companies is an accredited ISO/IEC 17025 calibration company (A2LA cert #3840.01) that specializes in temperature calibration services. This expertise allows us to ensure our clients’ equipment is fully functional and compliant when quality audits, such as ISO 9001, are underway. We adhere to the high A2LA accreditation standards, assuring customers we will perform services effectively and efficiently.

Calibration Capabilities

The ATS Family of Companies will meet your company’s unique thermometry needs with our ISO 17025 accredited calibration services. We calibrate numerous types of temperature devices, including temperature probes, temperature sensors, digital thermometers, and other temperature measuring devices. Even under the strictest requirements, our temperature calibration lab will offer you the best solution possible.

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