Piper Aircraft eligible for testing
AD 2020-26-16 Testing
Applied Technical Services conducts AD 2020-26-16 testing to verify compliance with Airworthiness Directives set by the Federal Aviation Administration and Department of Transportation. All relevant aircraft must meet AD 2020-26-16 requirements as of February 16, 2021.
Airworthiness Directive 2020-26-16
AD 2020-26-16 is an FAA and DOT directive specifying wing spar maintenance standards for several Piper Aircraft models. AD 2020-26-16 compliance requires a series of calculations and inspections, along with potential main wing spar replacements. The following Piper Aircraft models require AD 2020-26-16 testing according to the FAA:
For a complete list of included Piper Aircraft models/serial numbers and all other details of AD 2020-26-16, please see the airworthiness directive here.
Applied Technical Services
Applied Technical Services works hard to minimize client costs while maximizing the value of our nondestructive aviation testing services. With over fifty years of experience, ATS brings the expertise and resources necessary to consistently deliver the highest levels of service quality to our clientele. We employ the industry’s premier NDT aviation experts, each of whom possesses the certification and knowledge to provide reliable results. We are proud to be the preferred NDT services provider for numerous automotive, aerospace, military, and nuclear companies. Contact us today to schedule AD 2020-26-16 testing to ensure the safety and compliance of your Piper Aircraft.

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