technician inspecting aircraft engine

Borescope Inspection: Aircraft Engine

Several kinds of equipment can benefit from a borescope inspection: aircraft engine, turbines, and other rotating equipment. Applied Technical Services offers borescope inspections for a number of applications, including borescope inspections for aircraft engines. Borescope inspections are a type of visual inspection that can examine hard-to-reach or inaccessible components without taking them apart or damaging them.

Aircraft engine disassembly can be complex, risky, and expensive – making nondestructive testing techniques such as borescope inspections essential to evaluating the condition of engine parts. Additionally, these inspections can contribute to improved flight safety by quickly detecting aircraft engine defects before they can cause further problems.

Borescope: Defined
Put simply, a borescope is a very compact camera designed for use in tiny mechanical spaces that can’t be observed through traditional flashlight and mirrors inspection. Borescopes are essentially thin tubes fitted with a series of lenses and a light. The structure of this camera system is designed to be fully flexible and adjustable, making it possible to examine tight areas without damaging any components.
Our NDT technicians feed the borescope directly into the part being inspected while navigating its path using a video display. The most common flaws we detect in aircraft engines are cracks caused by mechanical fatigue, thermal cycling, unintended overheating and vibrations. We also look for debris, residues, corrosion, wear, or other signs that might indicate that there may be an issue in one of the engine’s components.
Borescope Inspection Benefits
ATS – Your Provider for Aircraft Engine Borescope Inspections
Applied Technical Services has been a leader in the aviation NDT industry since 1975 and holds an FAA Repair Station Certification for performing inspections. Our expert nondestructive testing technicians regularly perform thorough borescope inspections to accurately verify aircraft engine condition. At ATS, we understand the importance of quality service, quick turnaround times, and helpful customer service. If you need aviation NDT testing, contact us today– We take a closer look!

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