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The Importance of NDT Wing Spar Inspections

Applied Technical Services performs NDT wing spar inspections to keep client aircraft safe and in the air. The wing spar is an integral component that connects the wings to the fuselage. These fasteners each bear a great deal of the stress generated during flight, requiring both the strength and flexibility to keep the aircraft together. The repeated stress from flights completed throughout its service life can gradually weaken these components as material fatigue sets in, eventually causing fractures in the component — often appearing in bolt holes. If not caught early by a qualified inspector, these same forces can cause these cracks to propagate and undermine the wing spar’s structural integrity. To ensure the safety of this critical component and avoid wing separation, owners and operators take their aircraft to certified aviation inspection services like ATS to verify the condition of their wing spars.
ATS' Aviation NDT Capabilities and Qualifications
Our experienced aviation inspectors each maintain an NAS-410 certification to perform nondestructive testing (NDT) on a wide variety of subjects, including aircraft components. Beyond their expertise in visual inspection, they employ high-frequency eddy current (HFEC) testing to detect flaws as small as an eighth of an inch in subjects such as the wing spar. This powerful NDT method uses magnetic fields created by applying current to metallic objects in a specific way, allowing our technicians to find flaws on, and just beneath, the material surface. Our Marietta lab maintains an ISO 17025 accreditation to perform eddy current testing to the following specifications:
Our Marietta location also serves as an FAA-certified repair station (#HC4D227M), authorized to perform numerous NDT inspections — including eddy current — on client aircraft. Our capabilities make us a perfect fit to handle wing spar inspections.
About ATS
Since our founding in 1967, Applied Technical Services has answered the call of clients in need of our expertise. What once comprised three engineers aiding local businesses from the confines of their shared office in our founder’s basement has expanded into a multidisciplinary services provider. We now offer a litany of services, ranging from inspections to testing to training to calibration to forensic investigation to consulting engineering, to serve clients operating in countries located across the world. ATS’ NDT aviation specialists perform all inspections in compliance with our ISO 9001-certified quality management system.
If manufacturer guidance, engineering standards, or good common sense is telling you to seek NDT wing spar inspections, contact ATS today regarding a free quote — We take a closer look!

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