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Aircraft Wheel Inspection

Applied Technical Services’ nondestructive testing department offers thorough aircraft wheel inspection services. The wheels of an aircraft experience significant dynamic loads during take-offs and landings due to the repeated speed and impact forces involved. Although aircraft wheel components are designed to withstand normal flight operation, extreme mechanical and environmental conditions can nonetheless initiate small discontinuities which could lead to cracking, corrosion, and other problems requiring regular inspections.

Our technicians help clients maintain safe aircraft operation by performing inspections on wheel components such as wheel halves, tie bolts and nuts, bead seats, and bearings.
Common Wheel Defects
Wheel Bead Seat – Eddy Current Inspection
A crucial part of the aircraft is the wheel bead seat– where the rubber edge of the tire contacts the wheel. The wheel bead seat can be an area prone to failure due to fatigue or heat damage. To verify the condition of this important component, our technicians use an eddy current probe to look for signs of irregularities on the wheel bead seat. The probe uses an electromagnetic field to detect flaws in the metal that are not visible to the naked eye.
Wheel Bearing Inspection
Wheel bearings handle the load of the aircraft during landing, making inspections for bearings essential. Wheel bearings showing any defects will usually need to be replaced. Common flaws seen in wheel bearings are as follows:
ATS and Aircraft Wheel Inspections
Applied Technical Services has been a driving force in the aviation NDT industry since 1975 – holding an FAA Repair Station Certification for performing inspections. Our expert technicians perform a range of aviation inspection services for clients to verify the condition and safety of aircraft components. ATS operates according to our core principles of quality service, quick turnaround times, and helpful customer support.
If you need an aircraft wheel inspection, contact us today. Our staff can tailor our services to your individual needs. ATS – We take a closer look!

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