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Applied Technical Services offers nondestructive inspection (NDI) aviation services.  Proper NDI inspections are critical to the design, manufacture, maintenance, and safety of aircraft. Technicians will use NDI methods throughout an aircraft’s lifecycle to assess its health, routinely inspecting parts, structures, and engines.  Aircraft undergo massive fatigue stresses due to the forces acting on them while in flight. Finding and resolving issues is, therefore, fundamental to safe and routine operation.  Common defects discovered while performing NDI methods include cracks, corrosion, fractures, disbonds, delaminations, , tears, and more.  Aircraft components that we regularly inspect include, but are not limited to, the following: engine blades, landing gears, welds, fittingsbolts, fuselages, rivets, wings, and adhesive bonds.

Our team of NDI technicians is certified to NAS 410 and other standards as required by the Aerospace industry. ATS’s techs and inspectors are trained, experienced, and equipped to perform thorough testing utilizing the most advanced nondestructive methods and techniques.  ATS assists clients in meeting applicable standards and specifications in both the civil and military aviation industries.
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ATS’ NDI aviation capabilities help clients by reducing the downtime and expenses associated with inspection, whether performed in-house or on-site.  We support our clients depending on their needs: from long-term projects to quick turnaround inspections.  ATS has held certification as an FAA Repair Station for performing inspections since 1975 and more recently achieved Nadcap NDT accreditation by meeting conformity standards.  Additionally, we are approved by EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) as a Part-145 maintenance organization.  Our NDI capabilities and vast experience allow us to provide precise results while meeting the strictest testing requirements imposed by the aviation industry.

As one of North America’s leading nondestructive inspection companies, contact us today for more information on our NDI aviation services.

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