Technician using eddy current testing to assess bolt hole condition

NDT Eddy Current Fastener, Bore, and Bolt Hole Inspection Services

Applied Technical Services performs NDT eddy current fastener, bore, and bolt hole inspection services to verify the condition of client aircraft engines. Keeping a plane airworthy requires a great deal of attention and preparation. Regulatory agencies across the world, such as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), such as Piper, each require licensed aircraft to undergo regular inspections to verify its continued airworthiness. Implementing and upholding a regular inspection schedule allows qualified technicians to find problems early enough to avoid component failure. The most thorough and cost-effective way to conduct these inspections involves a branch of analysis called nondestructive testing (NDT). While several methods serve in this capacity, including visual inspection and ultrasonic testing, one of the most trusted methods remains electromagnetic eddy current testing (ET).

How Eddy Current Inspection Helps Clients Stay Airworthy
This method uses electric induction caused by running alternating current through a coil to create a magnetic field around it. Applying this oscillating field to an electrically conductive solid (i.e., metals) causes a second current to swirl in the material, which then creates its own magnetic field. Because changes in the material — such as thin sections or discontinuities near the surface — change the impedance in the coil, our technicians can monitor where these changes occur and use the information to determine the location of these defects.

Eddy current testing works on a variety of metals, ranging from steel to titanium and from copper alloys to aluminum. This versatility makes this NDT method ideal for aircraft inspection, as it renders quantitative results on all the materials used in critical components. Fasteners, bores, and bolt holes all sustain large and repeated forces, making them prone to developing fatigue fractures. Our NAS-410 licensed aviation NDT technicians use eddy current inspection to detect these discontinuities, as well as:

About ATS
Applied Technical Services has delivered expertise in the areas of inspections, testing, and consulting engineering since our founding in 1967. Those five decades in business have seen our company grow tremendously — from three engineers sharing an office in the founder’s basement into a multidisciplinary services-provider aiding clients around the globe. We maintain the following aviation-specific accreditations and certifications:
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