Aircraft Engine Inspections

Aircraft Engine Inspections

ATS has been leaders in the Aviation NDT Industry since 1975 when we obtained our repair station certificate from the FAA. We specialize in aircraft engine inspections, ensuring no flaw or threat goes undetected. Common flaws detected are cracks caused by mechanical fatigue, thermal cycling, unintended overheating and vibrations.

Aircraft Engine Inspections / Parts
  • Core
  • Fan Blades
  • Bleed Air Ducting
  • Turbine Cases

Typically, most aircraft components are inspected at regular intervals representing certain number of flight hours to ensure that cracks or flaws are detected before they reach a critical size, and the affected parts are either repaired or replaced before catastrophic failure. Although different types of aircraft will have varying requirements for inspections, FAA sets preventative and minor maintenance schedules in addition to the mandatory annual inspections. Besides the regularly scheduled inspections, FAA also publishes “AD Notes” (Airworthiness Directives) to alert owners of aircraft and provide them information about unsafe conditions.

NDT Inspection Methods

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