Technician Preparing Plastic Sample for Izod Impact Test

The ATS Plastic Material Testing Lab

Applied Technical Services is a respected plastic material testing lab due to our breadth of capabilities and depth of expertise. Plastics have developed into one of the most important categories of production materials since manufacturers began using it widely many decades ago. Whether for a highly specialized application like an aerospace component or a comparatively trivial children’s toy, product designers select a given plastic for use in their final assembly because its various characteristics make it appropriate to the final product’s intended use. They carefully consider a prospective material’s thermal and mechanical properties in selecting the most suitable one for the application. To ensure the plastic materials they have chosen will perform as required, clients send samples to a qualified polymer testing lab like ATS. Our polymer testing lab offers a wide array of capabilities to meet each of our clients’ testing needs under one roof.
Our Plastic Material Testing Capabilities
ATS brings both a diverse lineup of testing services and a history of excellence in performing these methods to industry standards, making us a prime choice for manufacturers who need several branches of analysis performed on their sample. Our Marietta-based polymer testing lab regularly performs the following methods according to their accompanying standards, but have experience conducting them to client specifications as well:

Scratch/Abrasion Resistance

Tensile/Compressive Strength

Fatigue Characteristics

Shear Strength

Impact Strength

Flexural Strength

Tear Resistance

Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA)

Thermomechanical Analysis (TMA)

Heat Deflection Temperature Under Load (DTUL)

Vicat Softening Point

Melt Flow Rate and Melt Flow Index


Macrostructural Hardness


Xenon/Ultraviolet (UV) Weathering




Electrical Properties

*indicates ISO 17025 accredited through the A2LA to perform this standard
About ATS
Beyond our capacity as a plastic material testing lab, Applied Technical Services offers even broader testing capabilities than those listed here, as well as consulting engineering, inspection, training, calibrations, and investigative services. Since our founding in 1967, we have grown exponentially from a trio of engineers into a multidisciplinary firm serving clients operating around the world. Of the many industries we serve, the following most benefit from our plastic testing capabilities:
Quality is Our Policy
The ATS polymer testing lab performs the above plastic analyses under the scope of our ISO 9001 registered quality assurance program. Holding this distinction means that ISO-approved auditors have assessed our business processes and affirm that our system complies with the internationally recognized standard on quality management practices. We have maintained uninterrupted registered status with ISO 9001 by upholding a regular audit schedule since initially earning our certification in 1998; ATS takes on this responsibility because it helps our company to continually improve the scope and quality of our services.
We maintain the following policies to ensure our clients enjoy the best customer experience we can possibly provide:
If your company needs the services of an accomplished plastic material testing lab, contact ATS today for a free quote — We take a closer look!

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