rope access team

Rope Access Team

Applied Technical Services (ATS) Special Access Services department includes an advanced rope access team that is uniquely qualified to solve the most unique access issues safe and efficiently:

Rope Access Team: Consulting Level Capabilities

With the explosion of rope access companies and divisions, it is important to identify what sets ATS Special Access Services division apart from the competition. Several factors starting with our foundation. ATS’ rope access team started within our Consulting Engineering fall protection division. With a deep and historical foundation in fall protection code, application, and designed consulting we provide solutions that exceed applicable regulations. There is no guessing that an ATS rope access solution is safe due to engineering verification making ATS  “Qualified” rather than “Competent” which is a small elite group. New firms that receive SPRAT or IRATA certifications often are unaware of the application techniques and code integration. While their “on rope” techniques may be safer they still may inadvertently involve a client in liability. Third party verification and expert rigging mitigate personnel or property damage incident.

Optimal Designs and Service

With highly trained and qualified personnel who continually receive education and training to ensure the latest techniques and equipment is being utilized, ATS clients can be confident they are receiving the highest level of service available. We enjoy nothing more than bringing creative solutions that not only save time and money but increase safety. One success story is saving nearly 15 million dollars in scaffolding during a 3-year period which excluded the drastic amount of production time that would have been lost during those downtimes. A custom inversion platform created a unique confined space solution that made internal access of tall tanks a simple task. For unique applications there is none more qualified that the rope access team of ATS. Lifelong clients is our highest compliment.

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