Rope Access Inspections
ATS' Peerless Rope Access Inspections
Applied Technical Services performs rope access inspections on buildings, structures, and equipment with high or difficult-to-access areas. Our suspended access division prioritizes safety on the job-site and returns accurate data without the need for scaffolding or cranes — thus saving clients significant inspection costs.
How We Prioritize Safety

ATS makes safety a priority by having all of our technicians receive advanced training and “work at heights” certifications. Our QA program continually monitors our rope access equipment and observes our technician’s safety practices on an ongoing basis. We adhere to the ASTM E2505 standard which is the Industrial Rope Access Standard.

Our Technicians and Inspectors
Not only do our technicians maintain high standards but hold other licenses, certifications and credentials which include professional engineering and advanced NDT certifications.
Equipment Commonly Inspected via Rope Access
Frequently Requested Examination Methods

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