Solar Testing Laboratories

Applied Technical Services can provide accurate, relevant data promptly since it is one of the well-equipped solar testing laboratories in North America. We perform a wide scope of testing methods, including fluorescent uv and xenon arc, to discover your product’s resistance to damage from solar radiation.

Damage From Sunlight
Outdoor equipment needs to survive more than just moisture and salinity — solar radiation can also undermine the effectiveness of coatings and materials. Exposure to solar radiation over time can negatively affect a range of characteristics of coatings and polymeric materials, from color and gloss to impact resistance and tensile strength. Companies send their equipment that will be used outdoors to laboratories that perform solar exposure testing, like Applied Technical Services, Inc., to determine their sample materials’ resistance to solar radiation.
ATS has ISO 17025 (A2LA) accredited materials testing laboratories that regularly perform Xenon Arc Weathering and Fluorescent UV Weathering, two testing methods that simulate the effects of solar radiation on sample materials. We conduct these methods to their relevant standards as follows:
Methods and Standards
About ATS and Our Solar Testing Laboratories

For over 50 years, Applied Technical Services has provided testing, engineering consulting, and inspection services of the highest quality. We proudly serve clients from across the globe who represent an array of industries. Our experienced technicians are proud to provide relevant and accurate findings to our clients more quickly than most other labs. Their familiarity with the various applicable industry specifications, gained through routinely performing these tests, as well as their access to ATS’ powerful analytical equipment, enables us to continually produce the results upon which our clients can rely on. Allow ATS to handle your solar exposure testing needs today – we take a closer look.

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