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Decade Box Calibration

Applied Technical Services performs decade box calibration services alongside a wide array of electrical devices. Our staff can ensure that your equipment delivers accurate, consistent results while meeting applicable codes and standards.

The variable resistance capabilities of decade boxes make them useful tools in developing and testing electronic circuits. Due to their use for simulating specific electrical values, decade boxes need a high level of accuracy to function properly.
As they age, however, decade boxes can begin to drift from their original level of accuracy and potentially produce incorrect values. Periodic calibrations performed by a professional – like those at ATS – can help maintain the validity and uniformity of your sensitive electrical equipment.
ATS services decade boxes from various manufacturers, including (but not limited to):

Online Records

ATS provides secure, convenient online records through the iPortal web interface. iPortal allows you to instantly access your calibration status updates, recall dates, asset history, and certificates.

Superior Quality Assurance
As part of our focus on quality, we work according to defined processes and measurable objectives under our ISO certified quality program. All data provided by our calibration services are traceable to the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology).
ATS – Your Calibration Service Provider for Decade Boxes
As a company that has been serving clients for over 50 years, the staff at Applied Technical Services knows the value of excellent service quality. Each one of our calibration services is conducted according to stringent standards under our ISO certified quality program. In addition to mechanical equipment, we also offer electrical, thermal, dimensional, and onsite calibration services.
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