Mag Particle Inspection

ATS' Mag Particle Inspection Services

Applied Technical Services offers nondestructive Mag Particle Inspection for analyzing surface and near-surface discontinuities. ATS’ professional techs are able to detect flaws in ferromagnetic materials by generating a magnetic field directly and/or indirectly into a configured component. Multiple methods are used for inspection such as dry particle and wet suspension while applying continuous and residual magnetization. ATS employs this method as one of the most cost cutting solutions with a short turn-around time.

Our qualified personnel of NDT professionals offer exceptional mag particle inspection services to a broad spectrum of industries domestically and globally. We perform Magnetic Particle Inspections in our laboratories, in the field and/or on client locations with customer service and cost reductions as major priorities and primary goal.

Common MT Inspections
  • Cooling Cracks
  • Cupping
  • Grinding Cracks
  • Laminations
  • Machine Tears
  • Quench Cracks
  • Blasting, Pickling Cracks
  • Seams
Commonly Tested Materials
  • Castings
  • Ferromagnetic Alloys
  • Iron
  • Nickel
  • Steel
  • Welds
Common MT Applications
  • Forged Parts
  • Generator Components
  • Impellers
  • In-Service Parts
  • Rails
  • Valve Bodies and Pumps
Industries that Most Benefit from MT Inspections

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