Rusted piping components under visual inspection

ATS' Thorough Visual Inspection Services

Applied Technical Services (ATS) offers NDT Visual Inspection for a wide-range of industrial structures, welds, materials, and configured equipment. Our inspectors are decidedly skilled and are exhaustively trained in advanced procedures to determine and analyze visible surface imperfections. Additionally, we are adept at applying computer controlled imaging systems for measuring and inspecting of components.

Visual inspection provides a broad spectrum of opportunities to assess equipment condition, proper application, or product quality employing effective procedures for detection of discontinuities or surface flaws. Our calculated results are produced using advanced tools such as displacement, templates and depth gauges.

ATS’ certified NDT professionals offer quality inspection services to numerous industries domestically and internationally. Visual inspection services are offered in our laboratories, in the field and/or on client premises with customer service as the priority and cost savings as a primary goal.

Commonly Requested Visual Inspection Services:
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