Machine Vibration Monitoring

The ATS family of companies uses an advanced machine vibration monitoring system to measure the vibration frequencies of equipment and machinery. While machine vibration isn’t inherently concerning, excessive and aggressive vibrations place machinery at risk. Fortunately, our machine vibration monitoring services help our clients take preventative measures to protect their equipment.
What is Machine Vibration?

Machine vibration occurs when a machine or its components vibrate back and forth during operation. While some vibrations may occur subtly without much sound, more severe vibrations can become quite noisy and noticeable. Machine vibration is caused by the following:

Loosely attached bearings and components can contribute to machine vibration, accelerating the effects of wear and tear experienced by the machine.
The imbalance of a machine or its components can place unnecessary stress on the machine’s bearings, increasing the likelihood of vibration.
Angular misalignment can occur during assembly or because of regular use, often leading to vibrations around the axis of the machine.
Wear and Tear
Everyday wear and tear can impact the damage throughout the machine, causing the device to vibrate during operation.
Why is Machine Vibration Monitoring System Important?

Machine vibration monitoring systems are an essential factor in the predictive maintenance strategy needed to prolong the service life of industrial equipment. Machine vibration monitoring devices help technicians monitor the amplitude, frequency, and intensity of vibrations in an operating machine, providing insight into the machine’s performance and health. Unresolved abnormalities in machine vibrations can result in the following

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