Optical Gas Imaging

Reliability Testing Services, a member of the ATS family of companies, uses optical gas imaging technology to conduct gas leak surveys. Natural gas is a popular fuel source for industrial facilities, businesses, and homes across the globe. With millions of users worldwide, natural gas is prevalent due to its affordability and dependability. Unfortunately, natural gas systems can leak from pipelines and pose risks to people, businesses, and the surrounding environment. Our highly trained technicians carefully inspect industrial and commercial properties to ensure that the grounds are free of any gas leak-related concerns, improving efficiency and reducing costs in the process.
Understanding Optical Gas Imaging
Optical gas imaging, or OGI, is the process of using thermal infrared technology to visualize and observe the patterns of organic gas in a particular setting. Thermal infrared cameras provide a live infrared map of the temperatures in an environment, allowing technicians to observe each object’s heat signature. Technicians then carefully scan the environment for heat signatures consistent with gas line leaks. OGI enables technicians to conduct surveys safely and swiftly, making it a more practical selection than many other leak detection technologies.
Common Signs of Gas Line Leakage
The following warning signs should raise suspicions of a potential gas line leak:
Responding to Natural Gas Leaks
While natural gas leaks may seem like an inevitable a byproduct of commercial, industrial, and residential natural gas consumption, there are many ways to minimize the effects of gas leakage, including:
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