Thermal Imaging Inspections

The ATS family of companies conducts thermal imaging electrical inspections for commercial and industrial operations. Thermal imaging is an important asset in the predictive maintenance of electrical components and our experienced technicians use advanced IR technology to provide reliable results regarding the health of electrical equipment.

What is Thermal Imaging?
Thermal imaging cameras convert thermal energy into images that display an object’s heat signature. Technicians use the camera to scan environments, revealing information about an object’s thermal radiation that may prove helpful in an inspection or investigation. Advancements in thermal technology have made it possible to detect the slightest variations in heat signature, making it possible to develop comprehensive heat maps from the data collected.
Thermal Imaging Electrical Inspections

Heat increases can pose severe risks to electrical components. Fortunately, thermal imaging cameras can locate heat-related issues with electrical components and connections. Technicians use the information gathered from the camera to inspect areas of concern and take the neccesary steps to resolve the issue. Thermal images offer numerous advantages for electrical inspections, including the following:

More About Our Predictive Maintenance Services
We offer numerous predictive maintenance services that take a proactive approach to the maintenance and upkeep of industrial-grade instruments and equipment. Unlike traditional maintenance, which is schedule-based, predictive maintenance carefully considers a product’s current performance and history of repairs, allowing technicians to address the product’s unique needs. Our predictive maintenance services include the following:
Our Commitment to Quality
Applied Technical Services provides high-quality consulting engineering, inspection, and testing services to businesses in various industries. As an ISO 9001-certified quality management system, we strive for client service excellence and dedicate our time and effort to finding solutions to our client’s requests. Our employees use their experience in engineering and various sciences to provide professional and prompt service at a competitive price.
Our family of companies has access to ATS’ state-of-the-art resources and equipment, ensuring that all our services adhere to ATS’ standards of service and quality. Is your company in need of a thermal imaging electrical inspection? Submit a web request today for a free quote or call +1 (888) 287-5227 for additional information.

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