Fillet weld cross section

Fillet Weld Test

Conducting a fillet weld test can provide essential information about weld quality. Applied Technical Services provides clients with high-quality fillet weld testing services so they can get an accurate picture of their sample’s characteristics. Our weld testing experts can conduct tests according to numerous standards, such as ASME or AWS, depending on the client’s testing needs.
Fillet Weld Testing Methods
ATS uses several methods for testing fillet weld quality. Break testing, also known as fracture testing, is a mechanical weld testing process that primarily assesses root penetration in one-sided joints. Inspectors use an arbor press, hammer, or testing machine to put tension on the unwelded side of the sample until the force folds the metal flat onto itself or the weld breaks. The fracture test allows inspectors to examine the entire weld for issues such as cracks, slag inclusions, and porosity.
Macro examinations can also contribute valuable data regarding fillet weld quality. Inspectors perform macro examinations on cross-sectional samples cut from the weld coupon. Using low magnification, the inspectors can evaluate the cross-section for porosity, sidewall fusion, penetration, and weld profile quality.
Welding Experts
Applied Technical Services offers a wide array of weld testing methods. We employ professional engineers, certified weld inspectors, metallurgists, SNT-TC-1A certified NDT technicians, and chemists who can provide clients with any weld testing data they may need. We can perform mechanical, nondestructive, and other types of weld tests such as:
ATS conducts fillet weld tests for everything from welder qualification to procedure specification development. Our experienced, qualified experts assist clients with all their weld testing needs.
High-Quality Testing Services
For more than fifty years, Applied Technical Services has performed testing and inspection services for commercial and industrial clients. We perform field and lab services for clients in numerous industries and locations across the globe. Our experts prioritize clients’ needs, devising the best solutions to their inquiries. We deliver clear, accurate data as quickly as possible, and our experts can answer any questions clients may have regarding testing or data.
If you need a fillet weld test, contact ATS today.

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