PVC pipe failure analysis

PVC PIPE Failure Analysis

Applied Technical Services offers PVC pipe failure analysis for clients in multiple industries, including construction, water distribution, and electrical. Our knowledgeable team of experts can quickly and accurately determine the cause of failure in your PVC piping system using diverse capabilities that are available in our advanced metallurgy and materials testing lab.
Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) piping is made from a type of thermoplastic with high strength, rigidity, and hardness. However, PVC piping systems are not immune to developing deformities such as softening, degradation, erosion, and cracking. Over time, deformities can cause PVC pipes to rupture – resulting in lost time and money for your operation. Ruptures can happen as a result of manufacturing defects, improper installation, or extreme environmental conditions.

Types of Failures:

Fortunately, the metallurgy experts at ATS can provide some detailed insight into the exact cause for plastic piping failures. We perform detailed analysis in compliance with applicable industry standards, including applicable specialized procedures such as ASTM D2665, Standard Specification for PVC Drain, Waste, and Vent Pipe and Fittings. Additionally, our services include detailed reports.

Our Failure Analysis Processes:

ATS – Your Provider for Pipe Failure Analysis

Since 1967, Applied Technical Services has been providing clients with the best in testing and inspection services. Our staff conduct each service according to defined processes, measurable objectives, and proven engineering principles in our ISO 9001 certified labs. PVC pipe failure is just one of the many failure analysis services we offer!

Other ATS Pipe Failure Analysis Services:

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