Pipe Failure Analysis

Pipe Failure Analysis

Applied Technical Services performs Metallurgical Pipe Failure Analysis and Corrosion Testing. 

Our capabilities include root cause determination of component and material failures incorporating analysis of engineering problems and specifications.

Our assessment services include evaluating various process and water pipe failures manufactured from steel pipe, PVC pipe, copper pipe, ABS pipe, CPVC pipe, HDPE pipe, polyethylene pipe, cast iron pipe and Kitec pipe. We perform scanning electron microscopy (SEM); microstructural analysis; optical metallography; mechanical property analysis; and scale and corrosion deposit analysis (EDS and XRD).

Our procedures assess, investigate and test engineered materials to identify the causes of failure events. In addition to problem solving, ATS assists in helping our customers to remove the root cause by systematically reviewing the components and processes that led to failure. Our pipe failure analysis material engineers reconstruct incidents, collect and analyze critical data for detailed analysis and reporting.

Our goal is to provide thorough pipe failure analysis results in compliance with industry standards by delivering economical and technologically advanced solutions.

Types of Testing:

Types of Pipe Failure Analysis:

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