Shaft Failure Analysis

At Applied Techincal Services, our analysts have extensive experience in performing Shaft Failure Analysis.

ATS' Shaft Failure Analysis Capabilities

We have the experience and expertise to pinpoint the root cause of a failure. Most shaft failures are the result of corrosion, wear, overload and/or fatigue. Whether we are inspecting a pump, motor, or other industrial machinery shafts, we have established an excellent reputation among our clients from military, nuclear, automotive, pipeline, aerospace and food processing industries.

When performing a thorough shaft failure analysis, our experts and engineers take into consideration the shaft’s post-failure condition, operating environment, metallurgical factors, equipment history, recent operational repairs, product design and in-service handling. There are times when shaft failures result in personal injury or loss of assets. When these incidents occur, our forensic analysis team offers a wide range of litigation support. ATS’ forensic services include the initial failure inspection and analysis, professional consulting, detailed reporting, and expert testimonies.

In addition to our failure analysis services, we offer first article inspections and third-party quality assurance examinations. Our metallurgical, mechanical, environmental, chemistry and NDT labs have the capability to test products ensuring they meet industry standards and regulations. We frequently test to ASTM, ISO, ASME, AMS and API standards.

Common Causes of Shaft Failures:

Types Of Shafts Inspected:

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