Gas Turbine Inspection

Gas Turbine Inspection Services

Applied Technical Services offers gas turbine inspection services to help clients maintain their machinery effectively and efficiently. Turbines are essential pieces of equipment that need adequate maintenance to function optimally. When operating at optimum efficiency, turbines have the longest possible service life and a higher level of safety. We can prevent premature failures and loss of productivity by identifying potential problems early. ATS’ remote visual inspection (RVI) capabilities allow us to inspect gas turbines without invasive techniques.
Remote Visual Turbine Inspection
RVI is an efficient and cost-effective inspection for gas turbines, eliminating the need for time-intensive disassembly. Remotely operated camera systems can go deep into inaccessible, tight spaces and transmit real-time imaging to the inspector. This quick, portable inspection method helps to locate wear, cracks, and corrosion, even in areas with little to no lighting. We can use RVI technology to inspect everything from the rotor to the gas path and impeller blades. Our technology collects high-resolution visuals, with the capacity for 3D analysis to measure cracks, pits, and other flaws. RVI allows us to conduct thorough inspections while saving clients time and money.
RVI technology can also help gas turbine manufacturers with research and development. We can identify a turbine’s operating conditions in real-time during test engineering. We can use the data gathered to help improve and optimize the equipment’s life cycle. ATS conducts thorough analysis for every stage from pre-production to failure analysis.
Our RVI Services

ATS uses borescopes, push cameras, and magnetic crawlers, among other technologies, to conduct remote visual inspections. Our HD quality cameras utilize their own light sources to capture clear videos and photos. RVI allows clients to keep highly accurate records of turbine inspections for future reference. We deliver comprehensive inspection reports as quickly as possible so clients can make informed decisions concerning their gas turbines and other critical equipment. We inspect a wide variety of machines and components, including:

ATS can handle all our clients’ RVI needs. Our certified RVI specialists can advise clients on necessary maintenance and scheduling future inspections.

About ATS

Applied Technical Services has provided clients with high-quality NDT services since 1967. Our diverse range of testing and inspection capabilities allows us to serve clients in numerous industries. We use our RVI capabilities to benefit commercial and industrial clients across the globe. ATS experts deliver clear, detailed, accurate data within a short time frame. Our efficient services allow proprietors to make informed decisions with regards to their equipment while. Clients may contact a relevant expert at any point with questions regarding testing or data.

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