RVI Inspection Services

Applied Technical Services performs RVI inspection services as part of our diverse array of nondestructive testing capabilities. Remote visual inspection (RVI) is a type of visual test that utilizes specialized camera equipment to evaluate structures and equipment. Our inspectors use push cameras, borescopes, and several other robotic camera systems to examine inaccessible spaces from a remote location. We help clients manage safety and standard compliance through our RVI inspections.
Our Technology
Our remote visual inspection experts use several technologies to satisfy clients’ needs, including drones, magnetic crawlers, borescopes, pipe crawlers, and push cameras. Using these tools, we can identify corrosion, cracks, pitting, and mechanical damage, providing clients with high-resolution visuals and 3D scans. Certified technicians use the data to help clients determine whether repairs or replacements are necessary.
Inspection Applications
RVI allows technicians to visually examine small or hazardous spaces without compromising safety or necessitating costly equipment deconstruction. This capability allows us to assist clients with everything from research and development to failure analysis for equipment such as gas turbines, observing internal components or operating conditions in real-time. With RVI, we can help optimize the service life of equipment such as:
Our NDT experts can help clients maintain safety and efficiency for their industrial systems. We can even apply our RVI capabilities to the nuclear industry, providing inspections for:
Remote visual inspection also has applications in foreign object search and retrieval (FOSAR). When objects lost in industrial equipment threaten safety or operation, our technicians can use RVI technology to locate and remove the lost objects or other debris from the system. We can also perform FOSAR operations in foreign material exclusion (FME) zones.
Leaders in NDT
Applied Technical Services has provided industrial and commercial clients with exceptional nondestructive testing services for decades. We aim to offer the best possible remote visual inspections possible by delivering thorough, precise, objective data at a competitive price. ATS puts clients in direct contact with experts who can help with their particular requests. We deliver accurate reporting within short turnarounds, giving clients the opportunity to make quick, informed decisions regarding their equipment. Clients may contact our experts at any point with additional questions regarding testing or data.
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