Pipe Camera Inspection

Pipe Camera Inspection

Whether you need an inspection of a pipe or complete pipeline, tanks, pressure vessels, or heat exchangers, you would want to rely on a company that delivers superb results while implementing the highest of safety standards.

We use the latest in proven inspection technology to determine problems with welds or corrosion, identify blockages, cracks, or other discontinuities. In this way, our highly-skilled Applied Technical Services team delivers the results you require, allowing you to find swift solutions to problems that otherwise could lead to serious or potentially hazardous situations; ones that can also result in major time or financial losses for your business.

Inspections Using the XLG3 VideoProbe
  • Welds
  • Corrosion
  • Erosion
  • Fatigue
  • Cracking
  • Blockages

With almost half a century of experience as a provider of the highest quality of inspection services, our talented and enthusiastic team of professionals will use the industry-leading XLG3 VideoProbe remote visual inspection system to swiftly and clearly identify a wide variety of problems. It provides a superb probability of detection, delivers results through real-time communications, and can record high resolution video and still images for reporting deliverables.

Using this superb, menu-driven inspection equipment, and its amazing level of light-enhanced image clarity, crystal clear surface scan with rotate and zoom capabilities, allows us to work quickly in assessing, viewing and then measuring the size, shape, and depth of any defect. It is flexible, rugged and thoroughly portable, allowing our operators a high level of freedom of movement during inspections in many difficult environments or locations.

Choosing ATS for your Remote Visual Inspection Needs

We appreciate that all such inspections, however necessary, is critical to your work processes – and your budgets. This is why our teams are tasked to deliver the highest quality of pipe camera inspection and other services, ones that are safe, timely, and always competitively priced.

To find out how our expert inspection teams can help you, simply call 1-888-287-5227 now to discuss your specific needs. Alternatively, you can complete our inquiry contact form above for rapid correspondence.

Pipe Camera Inspection Advantages:
  • Enhanced images
  • Decreased downtime
  • Portability
  • Real-time connectivity

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