FME: Foreign Material Exclusion

Foreign material exclusion (FME) is a process or practice for personnel to avoid introducing outside tools or debris into an area where the foreign material poses a mechanical/safety hazard, or economic risk. Poor FME practices could introduce substances such as dirt, paint chips, grinding particles, combustible materials, unapproved chemicals, or other residues into a system, which could harm its operation, chemistry, or components if not removed. Equipment and tools could also become lost in the FME work area during maintenance or inspections. The presence of foreign materials in an exclusion zone can potentially cause:
Applied Technical Services performs comprehensive FME services, using advanced RVI technology to protect critical systems, components, and structures from uncontrolled foreign materials. Foreign material can be located, retrieved, and cleanliness documented for peace of mind.
NDT in Exclusion Zones
ATS utilizes remote visual inspection (RVI) technology to inspect exclusion zones, minimizing risks for essential equipment such as:
Our array of equipment includes borescopes, push cameras, and robotic crawlers that can access FME zones with minimal intrusion. These tools can access confined spaces and restrictive areas while reducing or eliminating the need for equipment disassembly. Our trained, experienced NDT technicians can use RVI technology to collect high-resolution visuals and 3D imaging data. RVI equipment allows ATS experts to conduct inspections in a quick, cost-efficient manner.
RVI technology also allows technicians to conduct foreign object search and retrieval (FOSAR). When foreign material exclusion boundaries fail, debris can fall into inaccessible areas. Our technicians can use retrieval tools for the removal of foreign material and lost tools from FME zones without wasting time and expenses to disassemble assets. ATS can assist clients with removing items from deep within pipes, turbines, and other industrial systems. Our FOSAR capabilities are essential to foreign material exclusion programs and processes.
High-Quality FME Services
Applied Technical Services has been a leader in nondestructive testing for over 50 years. We prioritize our clients’ experience with our services by connecting them directly to relevant experts who can help resolve their inquiries. We report clear, precise, accurate data as quickly as possible, and our experts remain available to clients for any further questions.
If you need nondestructive assistance with FME—foreign material exclusion—contact Applied Technical Services.

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