Our Foreign Material Exclusion Services

Applied Technical Services’ remote visual inspection (RVI) capabilities allow us to assist clients with foreign material exclusion practices. Foreign material exclusion (FME) is a process by which personnel prevents the introduction of outside dirt or debris into restricted areas where foreign materials pose an economic, mechanical, or safety risk. Violating FME protocols could allow substances such as grinding particles, dirt, unapproved chemicals, combustible materials, paint chips, or other residues to contaminate a system. Equipment or tools could also fall into inaccessible places during maintenance. Foreign objects lost in FME areas could cause:
ATS uses advanced RVI technology to perform a comprehensive range of foreign material exclusion services. We can protect your critical systems and components by finding, retrieving, and cleaning foreign material and providing documentation of cleanliness.
RVI Applications in FME
At ATS, we use high-resolution visual inspection technology to investigate exclusion zones. Our capabilities allow us to evaluate equipment such as:
Our arsenal of inspection tools includes push cameras, magnetic crawlers, borescopes, pipe crawlers, and drones capable of evaluating FME zones while minimizing intrusion. We pair our cameras with retrieval tools, eliminating the need for confined space entry, divers, and equipment deconstruction. Our technology also allows us to take 3D scans of any flaws in the equipment, such as pitting or cracks. With RVI, we can provide the most efficient FME inspections possible.
ATS offers foreign object search and retrieval (FOSAR) services in conjunction with our FME capabilities. When FME boundaries fail and debris becomes lost in exclusion zones, we can use RVI technology to remove the objects. We pair our high-definition cameras with retrieval tools, removing objects in a timely, cost-efficient manner. We can retrieve objects from deep within turbines, pipes, and other industrial systems.
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For over 50 years, Applied Technical Services has provided clients with high-quality NDT services. Our certified, experienced technicians help clients find the best solutions to their problems. We deliver clear, precise, accurate reporting every time, and our experts remain available to clients for any additional questions.
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