rov tank inspections

ROV Tank Inspections

Applied Technical Services offers Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Tank Inspections for situations that require inspections and monitoring of tanks while they remain in service. In addition to being a cost and time saving measure, utilizing an underwater vehicle eliminates the dangerous application of using divers in confined spaces, and reduces risk overall. Our ROV employs a 4K HD camera with live video streaming, 8000 lumen floodlights, 12-hr battery life, is lightweight enough to be lifted by hand, and is compact enough to fit through a 13 inch diameter opening. This NDT Visual Inspection Process is applicable in several industry standards including the NFPA 25, AWWA, API 653 and others.

Advantage of ROV Tank Inspections:
ATS Excellence

ATS’ ROV Tank Inspectors are industry leaders due to their focus on safety, personal certifications and attention to detail.


ATS’ commitment to safety involves comprehensive safety training programs that all employees must complete. Additional safety modules are assigned to employees based on their area of expertise. Our safety director and support staff continually monitor employees and their safety practices in the lab and on job sites.


ATS Experts hold multiple certifications that include but are not limited to Professional Engineers, ASNT Certified NDT Professionals, AWS Certified Inspectors, and API Inspectors.

Experts Include:

Professional Engineers P.E.

ASNT Certified NDT Professionals (Level I, II, and III)

API Inspectors — 653/510/570
Quality Assurance

For quality assurance purposes our technicians are well versed in many industry standards and regulations. We have earned an excellent reputation partnering with a wide variety of industries nationally and internationally. Our goal is to provide accurate testing with clear and detailed reporting. Our qualified employees will arrive on time, equipped, and engaged to do business.

Industries Served:

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