Drone Inspection

Drone Inspections by ATS

Applied Technical Services is trusted around the world to conduct quality nondestructive examinations (NDEs). We have expanded our offerings to include drone inspection services, which we perform to discover visible defects in large structures and equipment.
Spurred initially by hobbyist interest, drone technology has also seen rapid adoption rates in the last few years by businesses that see the potential drones offer commercially. Because we specialize in inspection services, ATS came to recognize how drones could help both our consulting engineering department and our clients during the inspection process.

Reasons to Request a Drone Inspection

Large equipment and tall structures often represent logistical challenges for an inspection team because of the difficulty in accessing elevated areas. Previous options for visually assessing a location hundreds of feet high were limited; either have a rope access technician descend from above or send a visual inspector up on a crane — the latter of which is expensive and both of which are potentially dangerous. Drone technology now affords inspectors a faster, safer, and more convenient alternative.

By utilizing drones, otherwise known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or small unmanned aircraft systems (sUASs), ATS’ visual inspectors can reach and study locations that are normally difficult to access. Our drone inspection team is made up of a licensed UAV pilot who controls the vehicle and an experienced camera operator who captures the visual data.

Unlike other inspection services, our drone units are piloted by the same people performing the inspections — namely certified technicians and professional engineers — who then draft their report based on the footage they have gathered over the flight. This inter-disciplinary approach allows ATS to provide solutions to any problem we locate during an inspection flight, whereas other services can only inform you about them. Our drone inspection capabilities are ultimately a tool ATS technicians can use to ensure that our clients receive the same quality inspection services that they have come to expect with the added benefits of increased efficiency and safety.

Drone Inspection Capabilities

ATS’ engineering division employs a fleet of drones to perform visual inspections on client structures and equipment. Depending on the scope of the inspection, our technicians may choose from a variety of units specialized for different environments. By choosing the appropriate unit for the job, our inspectors can easily assess vast pipelines for damage from the air or examine internal conditions of a tank without performing confined space entry (CSE).

Because of the power and versatility of our drone units, ATS Engineering can offer the following services:

Standards and Regulations
To ensure the continued order and safety of the airways in the wake of rapid drone adoption, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) created a list of rules and regulations for both recreational and commercial UAV usage. Part of ATS’ commitment to quality entails observing industry standards and government regulations when performing services for our clients. For that reason, we conduct every drone-assisted inspection in accordance with the following FAA regulations on commercial UAV use:
About ATS and UAV Inspections

Since our founding in 1967, ATS has delivered world-class inspection, engineering consulting, and testing services. Our client base spans the globe and represents a wide variety of industries. Specific fields that can benefit from our drone inspection services are telecommunications, steel/aluminum, pulp/paper, power generation, oil/gas, nuclear, manufacturing, and construction industries.

Our clients trust ATS to provide them with detailed insight into the condition of their equipment because we consistently produce accurate results, and present them in a clear and organized manner. We accomplish this by following our quality assurance program, which helps us deliver excellent service regularly. ATS emphasizes quick turnaround times, accurate reporting, and accessible customer service oriented employees in our effort to constantly improve the customer experience.

If your company needs a thorough visual inspection of a large structure or piece of equipment, contact ATS — with our drone capabilities, we can take a closer look.
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