Industrial Rope Access Course

Applied Technical Services offers industrial rope access courses for candidates of all experience levels. Rope access systems provide versatile, inexpensive accessibility to difficult-to-reach locations that would otherwise require costly measures such as erecting scaffolding. Implementing rope access systems has saved companies hundreds of thousands of dollars on individual projects, causing a rapid demand increase for certified rope access technicians. The training gained from an industrial rope access course prepares technicians to navigate rope access systems safely and effectively at great heights to perform various industrial operations, including but not limited to:
Getting Certified with Applied Technical Services
Candidates seeking rope access certification through ATS will undergo education and training to work under the standards set by the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT). ATS industrial rope access courses are held over five sessions, providing trainees with hands-on instruction that allows each student to develop the necessary knowledge and skills for a career in rope access. The first four days of the course include classroom and hands-on obstacle course training. On the fifth day, students will complete their certification exams.
Industrial rope access course training at Applied Technical Services grants candidates the following levels of SPRAT certification:
The ATS Industrial Rope Access Course Instructor
Brandon, a former firefighter and advanced emergency medical technician with a passion for specialized technical rescue and rope access training, serves as the lead instructor of the Applied Technical Services industrial rope access training program. Students stand to learn the most from an instructor who is enthusiastic about their work, and Brandon applies his years of practical experience and expertise in industry standards in the classroom and obstacle course to provide the best learning environment for students of all experience levels.
Our Facility at ATS
At ATS, we know candidates need to get the most practical benefit from their limited training time. As such, our instructor focuses on limiting hours in the classroom and dedicating as much time as possible to the ropes course. Our custom-built, brand-new, state-of-the-art industrial rope access course facility gives students an ideal space to gain detailed hands-on experience, learning and applying the skills they will need as a rope access technician. Students will tie the knots, assemble the rope access systems, and perform the rescues they will use on the job.
ATS Accreditations and Certifications

ATS Rope Access Course Satisfies the Following Quality Standards:

Applied Technical Services
Applied Technical Services employs certified chemists, scientists, technicians, inspectors, and engineers who serve clients across several industries, including building and construction, emergency rescue, infrastructure maintenance, and structural inspection. With over fifty years of experience, ATS has the tools to ensure our local and international clients receive the level of high-quality service and training they need to keep their business running smoothly.

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