SPRAT Level 1

Certified Level 3 Instructor Teaching Trainee Proper Anchor Rigging Procedure
Rope Access Training and Certification Services
Applied Technical Services provides a training and certification course for candidates seeking recognition as a SPRAT level 1 rope access technician. Rope access is an in-demand work-at-heights skill that allows workers freedom of movement and safe access to elevated work areas. However, because of the risks inherent to being high in the air, most potential employers will decline to work with a worker who does not possess certification legitimizing their rope access skills and knowledge of best practices. Many would-be rope access workers specifically seek out a SPRAT certification, as their approval is the most respected in North America.
SPRAT, also referred to as the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians, is the administrative body that generates industry-consensus standards defining the safety procedures and best practices for the rope access trade. This group, made up of prominent companies and technicians from within the industry, also certifies candidates as rope access technicians to guarantee they have met certain levels of proficiency and achievement in their field. ATS offers SPRAT-compliant training courses to both newcomers who want to attain initial certification at the beginning of their rope access careers, as well as industry veterans seeking recertification to continue their work. Those that pass our course will gain SPRAT certification, acknowledging them as qualified rope access technician.
SPRAT Level 1
SPRAT recognizes multiple stages of competence and achievement in their certification program, the first of which is the Level 1 technician. Workers who have achieved this designation are expected to know how to perform essential rope access operations and will do so under the direct supervision of either a Level 2 or Level 3 technician. There are few prerequisites for pursuing a Level 1 certification. Any candidate 18 years or older may sign the paperwork and enroll — no previous rope access experience needed. The recertification process requires returning technicians to take the same course as do newcomers.
Course Outline
ATS structures our rope access training courses according to a five-session schedule. Students spend the first four days of class learning about the various aspects of the technique. Our training coordinator performs hands-on instruction, teaching the proper usage and maintenance of access equipment, practical techniques for maneuvering on rope, and standard safety procedures. Most of these lessons occur in our onsite training area, where students primarily learn by doing. By applying the concepts being taught, candidates can better absorb the knowledge they will need on the job.
By the end of instruction, Level 1 trainees will know:
  • Their role in rope access operations
  • How to observe safety considerations such as jobsite safety evaluations and procedures
  • How to properly use, care for, and maintain access equipment such as:
  • Backup Devices
  • Ascenders
  • Descenders
  • Rope and Sling Protection
  • How to effectively tie a variety of knots used during rope access operations
  • How to perform a variety of movement techniques on rope, such as:
  • Change-Overs
  • Passing Knots
  • Transferring from One Rope to Another
  • Deviation
  • Re-Anchoring
  • Negotiating Edge Obstructions
  • Horizontal Aid Climbing
  • How to rig two types of anchorage systems
  • How to rescue casualties from rope access systems
  • How to rig and operate a hauling and lowering system
The final day of the course consists of the certification session. Candidates that pass the evaluation by competently applying the above skills and concepts taught in class receive certification from SPRAT as a Level 1 technician.
ATS: A Trusted Testing Provider
Founded in 1967, Applied Technical Services has achieved rapid business growth and developed into a respected training, inspection, testing, and consulting engineering provider. During the last 50 years ATS has transformed itself from a fledgling engineering consulting company assisting local businesses into a multidisciplinary firm serving clients operating in countries around the globe.
The candidates who pass the certified SPRAT evaluator’s final evaluation will be prepared to seek out work in a variety of industries that rely on rope access, which includes but is not limited to the following:
  • Commercial Properties
  • Renewable Energy
  • Construction
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil / Gas
  • Chemical
  • Power Generation
  • Nuclear
  • Communications
If you want to become certified by SPRAT as a Level 1 technician, contact ATS today. Our courses are tailored to provide you with the skills and background knowledge necessary to build a successful career in rope access!


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