Level 1 Rope Access Course

Applied Technical Services offers comprehensive level 1 rope access courses for individuals seeking Level 1 SPRAT certification. Rope access systems provide trained technicians with a versatile, inexpensive means of access to difficult-to-reach locations that would otherwise require building costly temporary structures like scaffolding. The use of rope access systems has saved companies hundreds of thousands of dollars on single projects, creating a strong demand for certified rope access technicians of all levels. Level 1 rope access courses instruct new and returning technicians how to navigate rope access systems safely and effectively at great heights to perform operations in several different industrial applications, including:
SPRAT Level 1 Rope Access Course Training
Students that complete certification through the Applied Technical Services level 1 rope access course program are certified to perform practices and techniques compliant with the standards set by the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT). SPRAT is an administrative organization for rope access industry standards in North America that outlines safe practices and certification requirements for rope access technicians. No prior experience in rope access is necessary for individuals to gain SPRAT Level 1 certification. ATS offers all three levels of SPRAT certification classes:
ATS Accreditations and Certifications
ATS rope access training classes satisfy ASME NQA-1 (Nuclear Quality Assurance Requirements), 10CFR Part 50 Appendix B (Quality Assurance Criteria for Nuclear Powerplants), and 10CFR Part 21 (Reporting of Non-compliance).
Applied Technical Services
Applied Technical Services is a premier provider of level 1 rope access course training. We employ knowledgeable, enthusiastic instructors to ensure those seeking rope access certification have the best possible training experience. Founded in 1967, ATS has the experience and resources to provide our clients around the world with the highest level of service and training.

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