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The Applied Technical Services family of companies, conducts a gas line leak test that safely identifies potential leaks. Natural gas is a reliable energy source for countless homes and businesses due to its affordability and environmentally friendly reputation. However, natural gas leaks can be hazardous, so professionals must inspect potential leakage sites to avoid injury or property damage. Fortunately, our ultrasonic and infrared radiation gas leak detection services identify the location of leaks quickly, allowing our clients to resolve the issue before the situation worsens. 

What are Gas Line Leaks, and Why Do They Occur?
A gas line leak occurs when a leak in a gas-burning appliance or gas line causes natural gas to leak into the open air. A series of symptoms and warning signs often accompany gas line leaks, including:
Various conditions can cause gas line leaks, including:
Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detection
Ultrasonic leak detectors are important tools in the detection of gas leaks in industrial and commercial settings. While conventional leak detectors measure the concentration gas clouds, ultrasonic leak detectors use their sensitive microphones to register the white noises emitting from the source’s leak.
Infrared Radiation Gas Leak Detection
Technicians use infrared radiation thermal imagers to identify potential gas leaks in industrial environments. Technicians rely on these thermal cameras to identify changes in temperature that may reveal the presence of a gas leak. IR thermal imaging is the ideal detection method when potential leaks are in hard-to-reach places.
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Applied Technical Services and our family of companies adhere to internationally recognized regulations and standards for the benefit of our clients. Please consider ATS for your gas line testing needs and submit an online request form today!

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