Organic Chemistry Lab

Organic Chem Lab
We Test A Large Variety of Product - leather, gasoline, paints, plastics, interiors, water, fabrics and carpet
Identification of Contaminants in Organic Compounds

Contaminants can be a wide array of various materials or chemicals that present themselves as impurities in products. Typically these are chemicals, residues, organic, or inorganic materials. The contaminant may be known (suspected) or entirely unknown. There are mainly two situations that require the identification of contaminants:

  • There is something in your product in addition to the desired components.
  • Samples of known composition are analyzed for impurities or contaminants.

The ATS team of organic chemists are very skilled at assessing the situation and determining the appropriate equipment and test methods to utilize in order to test for suspected or known contaminants in organic compounds.

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