Different types of polymers in a Polymer Characterization Lab

Polymer Characterization Lab

Applied Technical Services features an advanced Polymer Characterization Lab, providing extensive polymer testing and analysis services to ensure the functionality of polymer-based parts and components. In addition to polymer characterization, we offer polymer fracture analysis, polymer fatigue testing, polymer strength testing, polymer material testing, polymer structure analysis, and several other services.
Polymer Characterization, Testing, and Analysis
Polymer characterization is a comprehensive, in-depth analysis of polymeric materials in order to verify a polymer’s structural integrity and identify potential weaknesses. Polymer analysis is used to identify several different characteristics of a polymer, including thermal stability and resilience, impermeability, molecular structure and mass, strength, and mechanical properties. Polymer characterization is an efficient, cost-effective analysis method and serves many purposes. A Polymer Characterization Lab requires equipment that can properly accommodate the unique molecular structure of polymer-based materials.
ATS’ Chemical Analysis Laboratories
At Applied Technical Services, our chemical analysis laboratories offer a frequently expanding list of chemical testing and analysis services. Our lab is equipped with advanced technologies and staffed by highly trained, certified chemists who are committed to accurate, precise reporting with short turnaround times. Our Polymer Characterization Lab conducts a variety of polymer testing services in compliance with several common testing standards and specifications from a wide range of organizations to provide our clients with reliable results, helping to ensure industry compliance and optimal product quality.
Testing and Analysis Standards and Specifications
In order to provide our clients with the most accurate, reliable reporting possible, Applied Technical Services performs testing and analysis services in adherence with both custom client-specified testing parameters and popular industry testing standards, including standards determined by organizations and authorities such as:
Additional Chemical Analysis Services
In addition to Polymer Characterization Lab services, ATS performs several other chemical testing and analysis services. These services include but are not limited to:
Applied Technical Services
ATS has proudly served clients in a wide range of industries for over 55 years, providing testing and analysis services for some of the most reputable companies and corporations in America and abroad. Applied Technical Services features an expansive service network and internationally recognized quality assurance program, ensuring consistently high-quality testing, dependable reporting, quick turnaround times, and the highest level of customer satisfaction. Our certified chemical testing experts and dedicated technicians work hard to exceed the needs of our clients and keep their business operations running smoothly. When it comes to chemical analysis services at ATS, we take a closer look, and our longstanding business relationships and impressive reputation show that our clients value that. Contact the proven experts at Applied Technical Services and let us show just how convenient chemical analysis services can be. Click here or give us a call today at 1 (888) 287-5227 to request a free quote for Polymer Characterization Lab services.

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