Gas Chromatography Lab

Gas Chromatography

Applied Technical Services’ gas chromatography lab detects volatile organic compounds to keep clients compliant with various industry standards and government regulations on consumer safety.
About the Method: Dynamic Headspace-Gas Chromatography

Dynamic Headspace-Gas Chromatography is primarily used to analyze for the presence of volatile organic compounds in solid samples. While this analysis is more sensitive than static headspace, the technique may be used for qualitative analysis, static headspace method development, or detection of trace levels of impurities, contaminants, or hazardous compounds.

The analysis is conducted by first placing the sample into an open glass tube in a chamber heated to a desired temperature for a fixed time and purged with an inert gas. The volatiles are directed either onto an adsorbent trap or cryogenically focused on the head of a GC column and analyzed by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS). Our chemists have extensive knowledge and experience performing dynamic headspace analysis.
Most Common Reason to Request the Services of Our Gas Chromatography Lab:
ASTM D4526-12 Standard Practice for Determination of Volatiles in Polymers by Static Headspace Gas Chromatography – Modified for dynamic use.

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