Dielectric Strength Testing

Applied Technical Services can verify conductivity of electrical conductor materials that are used in your electronic component and assemblies under varying environmental conditions via Conductivity ASTM B193 testing by measuring their resistivity. The conductivity of an item represents the level at which it transmits electricity. If conductivity is too low or too high, poor product performance, equipment damage and/or hazardous conditions resulting in personal injury can result.

ATS' Conductivity ASTM B193 Testing Capabilities

ATS’ Engineers and Technical Experts understand current compliance regulations and test methods used, such as ASTM B193. To meet our clients’ expectations, we provide accurate testing, clear and detailed reports, and quick turnarounds. Our quality assurance program meets the most stringent industry requirements, including ISO 9001 certification, and our laboratories are ISO 17025 (A2LA) accredited. Our dedication to quality assurance and unmatched customer service have earned us an excellent reputation in many industries.

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