Photovoltaic Testing

photovoltaic testing

Applied Technical Services provides photovoltaic testing for modules and systems.  A photovoltaic system generates electricity from light, primarily from the sun using semiconductor materials.  Some common products that use photovoltaics are calculators, cell phone chargers, laptop computers, keyboards, flashlights, fans, radios, watches, and lighters.  Other large-scale uses, in addition to supplying energy to homes and commercial buildings, are air conditioning units, furnaces, dryers, road signs, streetlights, and vehicles (golf carts, short range shuttles).  ATS’ photovoltaic experts can assist in validating module performance and reliability.  Testing allows companies to effectively and efficiently bring product to market at a competitive advantage.

ATS’ labs provide photovoltaic testing and inspection with verifiable results.  The photovoltaic device industry is one where the importance of accurate analysis for private businesses, governments, financial investors, and developers require substantive information for critical assessments.  Our engineers are highly qualified to implement the technology and methodology to test and determine if the photovoltaic devices and equipment are suitable for their intended operating use and life span.

Photovoltaic Failure Analysis

ATS performs failure analysis of photovoltaic systems, modules and components. Our techniques for evaluation of systems and modules include light and dark current-voltage measurements, infrared and/or visual inspections.

Common Failures
  • Defective Semiconductor
  • Loose-fitting Contacts
  • Short Circuits
  • Corroded Connections
  • Cell Contamination
  • Ruptured Cells
  • Overheated Connections
  • Wear and Tear
Photovoltaic Testing Standards
  • Operation Standardization
  • Arc-fault and Ground-fault
  • Interconnection Applicable to Modules
  • Inverters and Capacitors
  • Quantitative Accelerated Stress Tests
  • Electrical Sequencing
  • Identify Failure Modes
  • Safety Testing

As an established engineering, testing, and inspections lab, ATS has set the standard on service excellence.  We partner with companies nationally and around the world in numerous areas and industries.  We utilize proven procedural practices developed through years of experience working with our clients.  ATS’ lab retain ISO 9001 certification and ISO 17025 (A2LA) accreditation in combination with our quality assurance standards.

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