Dielectric Constant Testing

Our Dielectric Constant Testing Services

Applied Technical Services provides Dielectric Constant testing. Dielectric Constant testing indicates how well an insulator stores electrical energy. During this procedure, a sample is put in between two metallic plates and the capacitance is evaluated and recorded. Following this, another test is run without the specimen, i.e. air between the two plates. The ratio of the values collected from both runs is the dielectric constant (also known as permittivity). It is important to get this procedure performed on your materials especially when it is to be used in electric applications that requires a higher capacitance. In such applications a higher dielectric constant will be needed. We test according to ASTM D150 and IEC 60250.

ATS Electrical Testing Laboratory

Our Electrical Testing Lab offers a wide variety of electrical and electronic product testing. We often inspect common products including insulators, batteries, wires, cables, lights, connectors, circuit breakers, and other electronic components. We can determine the causes of electrical failures and verify performance of various products.

We test in accordance to popular standards including:

Performance Evaluations

Our experts have the resources to acquire a wide variety of tools to evaluate design, and conduct performance and custom product testing. ATS provides testing that measures consistency, durability, longevity, safety of components, and probability of potential failures.

About ATS

Applied Technical Services is a premier provider of consulting engineering, inspection and testing services. Since our founding over 50 years ago, we have developed a remarkable reputation for providing valuable services to our clients in the business, the legal profession and  the various industrial sectors. ATS has been recognized for being successful in revealing of specific information in metallurgy, chemical analysis, materials testing, non-destructive testing, fires, explosions, and equipment calibration fields.

Quality Assurance

Here at Applied Technical Services we strive to offer our clients high quality services with quick turnaround times, accurate results, detailed reporting and competitive pricing. ATS operates with a Quality Management System that complies with ISO 9001 for areas of calibration, chemistry, material and product testing, consulting engineering, forensic and fire investigation analysis and non-destructive testing. We use this system to certify that our quality system is in place and is being continuously improved through measurable steps and employee involvement.

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