soil resistivity machine in use with accurate in the in testing of soil conductivity and design efficient electrode grounding systems by calculating soil resistivity

Soil Resisttivity Testing

Applied Technical Services performs Soil Resistivity Testing for clients who need to determine soil conductivity to design efficient electrode grounding systems. Ideally, grounding systems should be built in places where soil was tested to show the least resistivity, allowing the new installation to function efficiently. Because soil resistivity is influenced by a variety of factors, such as moisture content, electrolyte content, and temperature, resistivity measurements are an essential step in the construction of any grounding electrode. To accurately calculate soil resistivity, ATS employs the Wenner four-pin method according to ASTM G57. Our technicians perform the Wenner test by lining up four equidistant electrodes in the ground and using the two outer electrodes to inject current into the soil. The two inner electrodes measure voltage, after which technicians can calculate the soil’s electrical resistance.

Testing Capabilities

ATS’ Electrical Testing division performs all our Soil Resistivity Testing services. This group of certified testing personnel use up-to-date technology to deliver reliable, accurate results. Our Wenner resistivity tests adhere to both ASTM G57 and AASHTO T 288 standards.

Applied Technical Services – A Reliable Testing Provider

Since our founding in 1967, ATS has earned a reputation for providing quality consulting engineering, testing, and inspection services. Recognized in both national and global markets, ATS is known for successfully uncovering facts in Metallurgy, Materials Testing, Chemical Analysis, Nondestructive Testing, Calibration Services, and Forensic Investigations. ATS serves clients in a variety of industries, including those in the fields of construction, chemical, commercial properties, manufacturing, nuclear energy, and power generation.

ATS Labs and Lab Experts Deliver Quality Assurance
ATS’s field and lab technicians work in accordance with our Quality Assurance program. We employ a range of certified experts — including Professional Engineers of several disciplines, scientists, chemists, metallurgists, investigators, and well-trained technicians. ATS’ various accreditations and certifications include ISO 9001-2015, Nadcap, recognition as an FAA Repair Station, and many more.

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