Surface Resistance

Surface resistance

An insulating material’s surface resistance can be influenced by high temperatures and humidity, deteriorating a product’s reliability. ATS’ certified electrical testing lab can help you determine whether your materials comply with the ASTM D257 and IEC 60093 Testing Standards for both surface resistance and product conductivity. These standards measure resistance to leakage current along the surface of an insulating material.

ATS' Surface Resistance Capabilities

Among the materials that can be tested for surface resistivity are:

  • Plastics/Polymers
  • Thin Films
  • Coatings

Factors That Can Impact Surface Resistance:

  • Humidity
  • Pressure
  • Work Function
  • Material Transfer
  • Contamination
  • Surface Deformation
  • Contact Force
  • Type of Movement and Force During Contact
ATS' Customer Service

Our professional experts are highly knowledgeable about current compliance regulations and can provide rapid response to your questions and deliver quick turnarounds on your testing needs. ATS has earned an excellent reputation in such industries as aviation, automotive, power generation, power transmission, railroads, lighting, solar, metal and plastics/polymers.

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