Digital pH meter calibration with three solutions in separate beakers. Each solution is a different color and pH: pink, light green, and blue.

Hach pH Meter Calibration

The Applied Technical Services Family of Companies supports critical industries with NIST-traceable Hach pH meter calibration. Hach pH meters measure hydrogen ion activity to determine the acidity and alkalinity of water-based substances for lab testing and quality control. Regular calibration from our qualified experts helps industrial pH meters deliver accurate and reliable measurements.
Why pH Meter Calibration is Important
When in good order, pH meters give accurate and continuous readings that enable a larger control system to respond to fluctuations in substance characteristics. If inaccuracies are not corrected, users may not catch subtle changes in pH that can ultimately damage critical industrial equipment, such as the pipes and vessels used to transport highly acidic or alkaline substances. pH meters should be calibrated after taking measurements in a strong solution and after cleaning.

Many industries rely on continuous pH data to monitor sophisticated flow processes and adhere to quality assurance standards. Additionally, regulatory authorities such as the EPA may require calibrations per documented maintenance procedures.

Periodic recalibrations can provide early detection of contamination or misalignment before the meter’s readings drift beyond the accurate tolerances. Hach pH meters consist of multiple interworking parts that can become ineffective if not cleaned correctly between uses or after measuring different solutions.

Our Calibration Procedures
ATS operates multiple A2LA-accredited calibration labs that work with a variety of instruments. When calibrating a pH meter, our experts follow a three-point calibration procedure to ensure accuracy across the meter’s range.
To test accuracy across the device’s range, we submerge the meter in multiple buffer solutions with pH measurements of 4.0, 7.0, and 10.0. If the readings are out of tolerance, we adjust the pH meter to restore its dependable measurement capabilities.
Our calibration reports are available on our secure platform, iPortal. Clients can also use iPortal to access their past calibration certificates and keep up with future due dates.
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