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Apera pH Meter Calibration

Applied Technical Services (ATS) strives to meet your equipment needs with Apera pH meter calibration and certification from our experts. Apera manufactures benchtop pH meters and portable sensors that measure pH in water, soil, and paints, as well as high-temperature solutions for laboratory research, field measurements, and quality control. ATS calibrates at multiple values across the meter’s range to ensure continued accuracy of alkalinity and acidity measurements.

Schedule calibration with a qualified ATS lab to comply with regulations for your industry. Apera pH meters require frequent recalibration, as each measurement exposes their sensitive probes to potential contaminants. Over time, these contaminants can harden into a thin layer of scaling or corrode the surface of the probe, degrading the meter’s accuracy when comparing hydrogen ions in a solution. In high-precision applications, this drift can severely impact quality control and reliability.
ISO 17025 pH Meter Calibrations
The ATS calibration lab is ISO 17025 accredited in chemical, dimensional, electrical, flow, and mechanical calibrations. An expert assigned to your device will follow documented and controlled calibration procedures from NAVAIR, ASTM, ISO, and other international standards organizations as appropriate to the service requested.

Our experts compare pH meters with standard pH buffer solutions. We operate a temperature- and humidity-controlled lab to restore accuracies within +/- 0.2 pH. If a pH meter is not within specification, a technician can adjust the device until readings comply with Apera’s recommendations and the client’s tolerances.

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Why ATS?

ATS is a growing multidisciplinary firm that provides professional engineering, testing, inspection, and calibration services to national and international clients. Our dedicated team of experts delivers thorough inspections and reporting with a quick turnaround rate and friendly customer service.

By default, our calibrations are traceable to NIST standards. Clients can also request ISO 17025-accredited calibration or expedited services to best satisfy their project requirements. Our labs maintain and comply with other certifications according to applicable quality standards:
Quick Turnarounds

Our experts draw on decades of combined experience to calibrate equipment quickly and precisely. We offer a standard turnaround time of 7 to 10 business days. Need your pH meter calibrated sooner? Skip ahead to next-on-bench status when you select the expedited service option in the request form on this page. Clients requesting expedited services can expect a 48-hour turnaround, starting from the moment we receive their pH meter and its proper documentation.

Confidential Calibration Reports
Upon completion, we provide official certificates of calibration to document proof of accuracy and NIST traceability. ATS stores private calibration documents on iPortal, a safe and secure web portal available to customers. Use iPortal to access printable and downloadable copies of your Apera pH meter’s certificate of calibration, stay up to date with your device’s calibration status and schedule, and save your equipment’s history in one convenient location.
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