pH meter

pH Tester Calibration

The Applied Technical Services Family of Companies (FoC) provides pH meter calibrations, ensuring that our clients’ pH testers remain accurate and reliable.
What is a pH Meter?
A pH meter is an instrument that measures a solution’s acidity and alkalinity. pH meters feature special measuring probes that allow the device to determine a water-based solution’s hydrogen-ion activity quickly and accurately. pH meters are commonly used to do the following:
Our pH Tester Calibration Services
Our highly-capable calibration labs feature the advanced technology needed to calibrate a wide variety of measuring instruments, meters, and gauges. Our services adhere to internationally recognized quality standards, ensuring our clients receive world-class service at a competitive price. We provide in-lab and on-site calibrations for the convenience of our clients. We offer calibrations for various manufacturers, including, but not limited to the following:
Why is It Important to Calibrate pH Meters?
Like other measuring devices, pH meters require regular calibrations because their accuracy can suffer after extended periods of use and exposure to harsh environmental conditions. Over time, pH electrodes, which serve as sensors, can become contaminated, causing them to produce inaccurate readings. Calibration ensures that these inaccuracies are avoided, ensuring that our clients’ pH meters are performing at their best.
About Applied Technical Services

Founded in 1967, Applied Technical Services has earned a national reputation for our high-quality services and dedication to customer satisfaction. We provide professional calibration, testing, inspection, and consulting engineering services to companies across various commercial and industrial sectors. Our staff works closely with our client to ensure there’s an open line of communication throughout the service process. We aim to provide professional and prompt service at a competitive price to ensure our clients have a positive experience with each of our departments. Please call +1 (888) 287-5227 to learn more about our calibration services.

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