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California Scaffold Inspection & Testing (SIT)

Applied Technical Services is authorized by the State of California, Department of Industrial Relations Division of Occupational Safety and Health, Research and Standards Unit for Scaffold Inspection and Testing (SIT). ATS meets the criteria and credentials to perform Title 8 California Code of Regulation, accordance with the requirements of General Industry Safety Orders, Sections 3282(p)(1)(B) and 3296(b)(I) surveyor holding SIT License #43.

Our scaffold inspections which include anchorage, support, access, fall protection, and platform stability are performed by our highly trained and licensed Professional Engineers (P.E.). We comply with OSHA and ASME standards meeting industry regulation, which allows our customers to focus on other building management issues. As a leader in the SIT industry, our comprehensive approach consists of implementing safety, operational testing, equipment verification and performance, design and retrofits, and nondestructive testing.

Exterior building maintenance inspections include structurally secure anchors, tiebacks, direct connects and counterweights. We test for support load bearing capability to include capacity, hoists, components, outrigger beams, and suspension ropes. Our fall protection evaluations test for fall arrest systems, guardrail, dismantlers and erectors. ATS examines and verifies structural integrity, wear and defects of platforms, decking, overlap, brackets, and spatial working distances. Structural stability is examined in cases that include, but not limited to excessive loads, component damage, and/or natural disasters such as extreme weather and earthquakes. ATS applies the latest technology and engineering methods where single-level, single-point adjustable, multi-level, multi-point adjustable, catenary, interior hung, needle beam, and float scaffolds are applicable.

At ATS our goal in scaffold inspection and testing is to offer a thorough examination and evaluation overall. ATS’ proven background and record with safety standards, regulation compliance, and certification allows us to deliver an economical and technologically advanced inspection as a benefit for our clients.

CA Department of Industrial Relations Division of Occupational Safety & Health

AT ATS we understand the critical requirements of our clients’ work loads of time and budget. This activates our team to deliver the highest quality of borescope inspection services that are safely conducted, in a timely manner, and at a competitive cost.

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