Magnetic Particle Inspection, or “MT”, is one of the most popular and widely used methods of Non-Destructive Testing.

Technicians detect surface and sub-surface discontinuities in a variety of product forms made of ferromagnetic materials. MT is widely accepted as one of the top inspection techniques in the commercial or government industry, making it one of the most in-demand skills set to have.

Magnetic Particle Inspection Training Course

Applied Technical Services’ Magnetic Particle Inspection training courses are designed to help enhance the knowledge of students in a number of key areas, including quality control, quality assurance, applications, evaluation of findings, and discontinuities. ATS offers two different MT courses for the commonly accepted certification schemes within the industry. The Level II courses involve 24 hours of curriculum for the ASNT’s SNT-TC-1A recommended practice; or 32 hours for the NAS 410 certification scheme. These courses offer a complete study of both theory and the practical application of the types of MT methods and equipment that students will need when they’re officially on the job and beginning their careers.

NDT Level II Training Course Goals

The goals of the Magnetic Particle Inspection training courses offered by Applied Technical Services involve allowing students to not only further their education, but to also position themselves for easy entry into their desired industry. Aerospace, chemical, infrastructure, nuclear, manufacturing, pipeline, power generation, shipyard, and many others are all heavily involved with Magnetic Particle Inspection. To find out more information about ATS’ MT training, please contact our office today.

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