ndt level 2 training

NDT Level 2 Training

Applied Technical Services performs NDT level 2 training for those in search of a focused, thorough NDT training program.
Nondestructive Testing is one of the most important forms of inspection and quality control available in many industries today. It is used to test the material integrity of an object, without harming or changing the test specimen in any way. NDT is immensely important to not only guarantee the integrity and reliability of a product form, but also to help avoid failures and prevent accidents, ultimately saving lives.

When students begin the training qualification process for Non-Destructive Testing, they are initially classified as trainees. The student then works his/her way up through the certification process to a Level 1, Level 2, and then a Level 3 status as a designated qualified technician.

NDT Level 2

After the completion of NDT Level 2 training courses, technicians will be able to confidently set up equipment, calibrate that equipment for accurate results, and conduct inspections according to best practices and procedures. They will also be able to interpret, evaluate, and document the quantifiable indications that they find. NDT Level 2’s will be able to show a deep understanding of all codes, standards, and other documents that ultimately dictate how a particular NDT method will be utilized in a given environment. A qualified NDT Level 2 trained professional will also be able to act as a mentor and provide on-the-job training for both Level I technicians and NDT trainees.

Training Course Goals

ATS aims to not only help students further their education and knowledge in this ever-important subject matter, but also position them for success in the market as a whole. A qualified NDT Level 2 technician can not only calibrate and perform tests without any supervision, but they can also make test assessments whenever the need arises.

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